Klingln (2004), Interactive sound/ceramics installation & audio/video, dimension variable

Klingeln was originally an interactive sound installation, inspired by our nostalgia associated with the sound of bells. My hand-built, high fired porcelain bells were hung from the ceiling with invisible nylon threads in a gallery. The visitors were invited to play the bells to create their own resonating chamber; they activated an interactive system depending on the pitch and the intensity of each bell they were striking. The interactive setting was controlled by Max/MSP in real-time with a quad speaker system. Klingln also has become an environment for dance, as dancers became interested in moving in a space defined by the hanging bells. I processed and composed the sound of the bells in Kyma Capybara, to accompany the dancers’ movement for the video, with the original footage shot in silence. 

[Klingln audio excerpt from the dance video – original composition by Ayako Kataoka]
Tokyo International Dance Film Festival, 2004