A Girl Said

A Girl Said (2007), 3D print sound sculpture, acrylic resin, 10″ * 10″ * 2″

This project was inspired by my exploration to capture sound in solid form. After the experimentation and studying cymatics with running sound waves through ceramics slip, jelly, milk, plasters and water, I conceived of a method to realize the project by using a rapid prototype machine. A girl said was made from FFT (Fast Fourier transform) analysis data of a girl saying ‘I love you’. I analyzed, rendered, and modeled the data to be materialized into a 3D print object via a rapid prototype machine.

Interface Show, California College of Art, Oakland, CA
High Zero Sound Art Exhibition, Baltimore, MD
The Unfolded Crystal Exhibition, Stamp Gallery, Univ. of Maryland, College Park, MD
Spaces & Places real and imagined, Case[werks] Gallery, Baltimore, MD