Bodies In/Between

Bodies In/Between (2017~) 

Bodies In/Between is my on-going performance work. This piece contemplates how we maintain or synthesize our traditions and heritages, to localize the bodies in between, via sound, movement, and chance. In this piece, a constellation of remixed traditional garments and objects that are carefully arranged on the stage is a score for the performers to enact specific events.

Bodies In/Between was made possible with the support from: Performance Works NW, RACC Professional Development Grant, and Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts/Sound Form Symposium.

[Bodies In/Between excerpt: Kiku Day, shakuhachi & Ayako Katoka, electronics]
Bodies In/Between is a on-going project -
Performance Works NW, Portland, Ore., 2017 (in-progress showing)
Sound Forms symposium, Koncertkirken, Copenhagen, 2018

Ayako Kataoka: Concept, Sound/DSP, Movement, Score/Stage Design
Kathleen Hong: Movement & Costumes
Kiku Day: Shakuhachi