Bodies In/Between

Bodies In/Between (2017~) 

Bodies In/Between is my on-going performance work. Through the landscape of East Asian diaspora, this piece contemplates how we maintain or synthesize our traditions and heritages, to localize the bodies in between, via sound, movement, and chance. In this piece, a constellation of remixed traditional garments and objects that are carefully arranged on the stage is a score for the performers to enact specific events.

Bodies In/Between was made possible with the support from: Performance Works NW, RACC Professional Development Grant, and Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts/Sound Form Symposium.

[Bodies In/Between excerpt: Kiku Day, shakuhachi & Ayako Katoka, electronics]
Bodies In/Between is a on-going project -
Performance Works NW, Portland, Ore., 2017 (in-progress showing)
Sound Forms symposium, Koncertkirken, Copenhagen, 2018

Ayako Kataoka: Concept, Sound/DSP, Movement, Score/Stage Design
Kathleen Hong: Movement & Costumes
Kiku Day: Shakuhachi