Babier (2009 ~ )

Babier is based around a performance situation, which I devised, where elastic tendrils connect myself to a flex sensor. The sensor was developed by a digital venture, Shbobo. The digital signal processing was realized in MaxMSP/Jitter, and it is intended to portray a series of states in my maternal experience. The symbolism in the Jitter animations is of bodies within bodies. When the outer bodies resonate, so do the inner bodies. This was achieved by modeling the resonances of a state variable filter, on the sub-haptic level, to make maximum response out of those energies released in my dancing. Through the elastic tendrils, each of four limbs (hand foot foot hand) is thus processed and manifested as dialectically tonal/atonal sounds, and also, via Jitter, as four globular and jiggling orbs that each contain a perfect smaller-self within.

Babier: Chaos Modulation version, was commissioned by High Zero Festival of Improvised Music in 2010, as a special matinee project. Performed at Theater Project in Baltimore, I invited the following six, amazing musicians to join and perform this piece with me.

Babier: Chaos Modulation Version, High Zero Festival 2010
Experimental Music + Improvisation/Interactive Performance
Commissioned by HZ Foundation
Ayako Kataoka: Concept, DSP, Movement
Peter B: Sensor (Shbobo), DSP, Electronics
Drew Daniel: Electronics,
Shayna Dunkelman: Percussion,
Ju Suk Reet Meate: Trumpet, Electronics
Liz Meredith: Viola, 
Wobbly: Electronics, Console