TBA ExperimentikTik Nord – Theater im Kino, Berlin, Germany



TBA Kevin Corcoran, Jacob Felix, Ayako Kataoka, Kanoko Nishi, Adobe Books, SF


07.03.2022 manifestation of perceptual variables latent in he environment, Meenna Records (Ftarri)



12.16.2021 Phonon x Stylus, Galaxy Gingakei, Harajuku, Tokyo

04.18.2021 DUAL/LIFE, Zubar, Shibuya, Tokyo

04.08.2021 Akiyama, Kataoka, OdaiThe Red Room in Your Room, Baltimore, MD (Online program)

03.17.2021 Tetuzi Akiyama, Ayako Kataoka, Kiyomitsu OdaiFtarri, Tokyo

01.21.2021 Improv. for Camera, Performance Works NW, Portland, OR (O

nline program)

01.02.2021 Lone Star, Bonobo, Tokyo



05.25.2020  Live Release, A Global ConvergenceLake Radio, Copenhagen, Denmark


Spirit Rising: hiroshima ひろしま by Ishiuchi Miyako, Portland Japanese Garden, Portland, OR



12.28.2019  S/E/A, Continuum, S1, Portland

11.07.2019  S/E/A (Shana Palmer/Erika Anderson/Ayako Kataoka), Pink Noise, Holocene, Portland

10.18.2019  Shahzad Ismaily, Ayako Kataoka & John Niekrasz, CMG Fest, S1 Gallery, Portland


08.02.2019  Heliophagis, Threaded Habitat, Hugo Paris, Jacktone Records/Beacon Sound 


05.23.2019  2018-19 RACC Project Grants (Cycle 3), Regional Arts and Culture Council


Portland Japanese Garden

Noritaka Tatehana: Refashioning Beauty, with opening DJ Logan Takahashi

Forest of Dreams: Ainu and Native American Woodcarving

Northern Lights: Ceramic Art of Hokkaido Revisited

Ice and Stone: Suiseki Viewing



10.13.2018  Bodies/In-Between, Sound Forms SymposiumKADK, Copenhagen, Denmark



09.29.2017  Tiers_Lieu, Performance Works NW, Portland, OR (two days: 9/29 & 30)

05.04.2016  Direct Path to Detour, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Portland, OR 


03.26.2017  Echo Chamber, PNCA, Portland, OR



10.07.2016  Divination and Covert Transmissions, Leaven Community Center, Portland, OR

08.20.2016  3 Performances, Beacon Sound, Portland, OR

03.06.2016  Pacific Vortex, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR

01.29.2016  Forskellige indslag (Gräf x Kataoka), Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark


07.02.2016  India is Great, The Projection Museum, Portland, OR


06.10.2016  Spleencoffin Festival, EMP, Baltimore, MD (through 6/11)



11.20.2015  Reframing Portland (LIVE), AMIA Conference, Hilton Hotel, Portland, OR

11.19.2015  Interval/Habitat, Disjecta, Portland, OR

10.23.2015  NowHere festival, Mascher Space, Philadelphia, PA (through 10/25)

06.20.2015  Whether Nowhere In The Round, The Soft House & Penthouse Gallery, Balto, MD

05.09.2015  OPENSIGNAL festival, Brown University, RI


10.23.2015 “What is Improvisation?”, NowHere festival, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA



05.17. 2014 OPENSIGNAL festival, Brown University, RI


10.09. 2014 Tomomi Adachi/Peter Blasser/Ayako Kataoka, Wesleyan University, CT 

[Lecture & Artist Talk]

06.12. 2014 Peter Blasser/Ayako Kataoka, Tama Art University, Tokyo



07.19. 2013 A Girl Said, Spaces & Places real and imagined, Case[werks] Gallery, Baltimore, MD 

(through 8/20)

6.05.2013 MuseRuole, Women in Electronic Music, Bolzano, Italy


05.24. 2013 Asa Osborne, Chuck Johnson, Ayako Kataoka & Jenny Graf, 5th Dimension, Balto, MD

06.15. 2013 Poem, Ken Hidaka, Takamori Kadoi, Tongpay, Ayako Kataoka, Zubar, Tokyo

06.22. 2013 FMF, Ayako Kataoka, Tongpay, Takamori Kadoi, Zubar, Tokyo   


04.12. 2013 Syntjuntan Textile Synth Workshop & Performance, MySpace, Balto, MD



01.28. 2012 Drift State/Contemporary Museum @ Soft House, Baltimore, MD

05.04. 2012 w/ Shayna Dunkelman & Preshish Moments, The Red Room, Baltimore, MD

06.09. 2012 Kria Brekkan, Ayako Kataoka, Soft Cat, Wheatie Byrnes, Open Space, Baltimore, MD

06.24. 2012 Dunkelman, Kataoka, Meredith Trio, The Stone, NYC 

07.13. 2012 w/ Hell Hoarse + [Dang, Kataoka, Meredith, Palmer], The Red Room, Balto, MD

09.20. 2012 High Zero Festival: Music Concert [through 9/23], Theater Project, Balto, MD

10.11. 2012 Remix, Liz Meredith Record Release Party, An die Musik, Balto, MD

12.30. 2012 Zubar, Tokyo [My first DJ appearance in 10yrs!]


06.14. 2012 Futures, Transcended. Fluct/Sigrid Lauren & Monica Mirable, The Stamp Gallery, UMCP

06.21. 2012 Futures, Transcended. Meg Rorison & Jenny Graf, The Stamp Gallery

06.28. 2012 Futures, Transcended. Mixtum/Yutaka Houlette & Patrick Rife, The Stamp Gallery

07.12. 2012 Futures, Transcended. Nautical Almanac, The Stamp Gallery

09.18. 2012 High Zero Festival: Experimental Movement for Dance + Sound. 2640 St. Paul St, Baltimore, MD

09.20. 2012 High Zero Festival: Music Concert [through 9/23], Theater Project, Baltimore, MD

[Lecture & Artist Talk]

03.20. 2012 The Institute of Art and Interactive Design [ADiM], Baltimore, MD

10.15. 2012 Sophiajacob Gallery Lecture Series @ Floristree, Baltimore, MD

11.16. 2012 WMST Multimedia Studio, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Selected Past Exhibitions & Performances

2011 Bonjour Tristesse, Electrogals Festival, Disjecta, Portland, OR

2011 Cocoquantus, High Zero Festival, Baltimore, MD

2011  Babier: Duo, Transmodern Festival, Baltimore, MD

2010 Babier: Chaos Modulation, High Zero Festival, Baltimore MD

2010  A Girl Said, The Unfolded Crystal Exhibition, Stamp Gallery, UMCP, MD

2009  Matsu Kaze, Load of Fun Theater, Baltimore, MD

2009  We love you to the end of the world, Theater of Yugen, Project Artaud, SF, CA

2008  Mapping Project, SF International Arts Festival, Counterpulse, SF, CA

2008  Vslykon, Paris_London_West_Nile, Brooklyn, NY

2007 A Girl Said, Interface Show, Califorinia College of Art, Oakland, CA

2007 I love you adroitly, Mills College, Oaland, CA

2007  Neighborhood Study, Interface Show, California College of Arts, CA

2007 Two Passageways, Signal Flow Festival, Mills College, CA

2007 Oscillator player for Pauline Oliveros, Festival of New American Music, Sacramento, CA

2006  Passageway, Signal Flow Festival, Mills College, Oakland, CA

2005  Klingeln, International Dance Film Festival, Tokyo